Both men and women can come to us for permanent laser hair removal

Hair removal in the summer

This lady just came back from holidays and yet she lets her beautiful brown legs treated with laser hair removal! How can that be?

Just back from holiday? NO PROBLEM! Our laser hair removal equipment handles any hair color and skin tone.

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Also for sports people the perfect solution: smooth backs, legs, arms

Do you have a colored skin? (Skin type 4, 5 or even 6?) Now the ideal solution !! The laser hair removal can NdYag all skin types.

Do not lose more precious time: choose quick and permanent laser hair removal.

All year long hair free thanks to our medical laser hair removal specialists.

Also, light hair types can treat all zones effectively.

Secure permanent laser hair removal during the summer, before or after sunbathing.

The medical laser ND YAG 1064 for permanent laser hair removal is the most powerful method for permanent hair removal yet. We also work with the IPL and Diode laser, in short, with all the necessary equipment and experience to be able to guarantee a superior result for all your treatments.

For sensitive skin, thanks to our cooling, hair removal is virtually painless

30 years laser experience in a renewed context: visit our clinic.

Darker skins enjoy a nearly painless permanent hair removal thanks to our targeted cooling.

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The philosophy of Carpe Professional Care is based on care, and that is why we place ‘people as a whole’ at the core of everything we do. With professional medical specialists and paramedics as well as ongoing research, we guarantee skilled and professional care.

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Sun tanning and DO NOT obstruct the depilatory

For all the dark men with stiff hairs: THE IDEAL SOLUTION ! NdYag permanent laser hair removal.

No unpleasant stubble thanks to our permanent laser hair removal.


Dark suntypes and tanned skin, even in the middle of the summer

The latest high tech medical laser for permanent hair removal with longer wavelengths, offers a solution for laser hair removal candidates with darker skin types and sun tanned skin. Even black skin types can now safely enjoy our treatment for permanently hair removal.

Deep rooted hairs and fine superficial hairs

These 1064 Nd Yag laser beams penetrate deeper into the skin than Laser Light systems or Diode lasers and can easily reach the deepest roots like those on the backs of men. The ultra-short pulse time on the other hand overcomes the problem of very fine superficial downy hairs. Blonde or gray hair can now be treated with this new technology.

Quick and painless

A new fast scanner covers 42 square centimeters of surface at once, and reduces the pain sensation by its speed. A continuous adjustable cooling of the skin increases your comfort while lasering. The medical ND YAG 1064 laser for permanent laser hair removal is the most powerful system for permanent hair removal.

Your guarantee

The treament is done in the comforting space of the Carpe clinic and leading medical specialists with 30 years of laser experience.  Carpe Clinic has more than 15 years of experience as a pioneer in the field of laser hair removal and introduces now this new technology for the first time in the Benelux. Our staff in the Carpe clinic uses also other systems like Laser Light and diode laser technology for less demanding hair and skin types. At our Carpe Clinic you can rely on all the latest equipment and experience in the field of hair removal in order to guarantee the premium outcome of your treatments.

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