Medical specialists

The four medical specialists who are the beating heart of Carpe Professional Care guarantee top quality treatments. Not only are they praised within their field, they also complement each other perfectly as a team. Open communication and strict follow-up are important pillars for a patient’s careful guidance. All our physicians have extensive expertise and experience in laser treatments, thread lifts, fillers and Botox.

Dr. MED. I. Karavani, medical specialist


Dr Ilan Karavani

Dr. Ilan Karavani was born on May 22, 1961. He studied at the University of Antwerp, and became a dermatologist specializing in the Dermatosurgery. In 1989, he studied Cosmetic science at the VUB in Brussels and became a founding member of the Belgian Association of Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences after graduation.
He founded his private practice in 1991, focusing mainly on surgery and cosmetics. In 1992, he was elected Chairman of the Dutch Association of Dermatosurgery, and in 1997 he helped organize the World Congress of the ISDS International Society for Dermatologic Surgery in Amsterdam.

Dr. Karavani has also co-authored the official Dutch textbook of cosmetic surgery. He was also a member of the editorial board of two dermatological journals.
In 2007, he wrote his philosophical worldviews in his book “The Miracle of energy: A spiritual story”. His love for his research began at an early age.
In 1985, he collaborated on the Kentanserine project commissioned by Dr. Paul Janssen from Janssen Pharmaceutica (now Johnson & Johnson) as well as on the Buflomedil investigation for Abbott. In 2000, shortly after the IMCAS Paris millennium congress, he and his team launched an extensive research project on skin analysis and skin aging. It so happened that his anti-aging clinic was located in the same building as a nursery. For many years, the analyses of babies’ skin were compared to those of the elderly until the team finally discovered the algorithms of skin aging. Shortly afterwards, the language of the skin was decoded and displayed in a code called the skin code. A new mapping of skin types was born. In 2006, these findings were recognized as innovative and patented.

In 2007, the YourSkinType measuring system for skin analysis is launched in a software version. Dr. Karavani applies this technology and knowledge when advising for aesthetic treatments according to skin type. Dr. Karavani is currently involved with the research and development of the latest technologies in skin care, both in terms of tailored active cosmetics and high-tech treatments performed in his private clinic in Antwerp. His teachings and advice in the clinic guarantee treatments of the utmost quality.

Dr. MED. S. Lintermans, medical specialist


Dr Solange Lintermans

Dr. Lintermans has established herself as a skilled dermatologist specialised in the treatment of acne, and she is also a very competent anti-aging physician with experience in the administration of injectables to relax the muscles.

She is particularly interested in cosmetology and the many new types of laser treatments for treating conditions such as acne, veins, moles and skin tension. The preservation of the natural shape of our face is important to her, which is why she regularly follows new courses to include the latest techniques in the field of injections (both relaxing and filling) in her wide range of treatment.

She has worked alongside Dr. Karavani and Dr. van Riet to shape the Carpe Clinic into what it is today, a place where skin and especially human beings are central.

Dr. MED. I. van Riet, medical specialist


Dr Ingrid van Riet

Dr . Ingrid van Riet is a dermatologist with a very keen interest in skin rejuvenation. She has an eye for detail and possesses the necessary skills to recommend the right approach.

She has an empathetic and calm personality. The empathy she displays for the needs of her patients allows her to deliver excellent results, tailored to the person facing her.

She graduated in 1993 as a dermatologist from the University of Antwerp, and went to work with Dr. Ilan Karavani. That was the start of a beautiful collaboration.

She built the Carpe Clinic along with Dr. Karavani and Dr. Lintermans into an advanced skin care center which quickly became a point of reference in the field of skin rejuvenation in Antwerp and beyond.
Over the years, Dr. van Riet has perfected her knowledge of non-invasive techniques to counteract skin aging. To this end, she regularly follows various international programs and new training. She is always on top of the newest techniques and new interventions, such as:

  • relaxation of wrinkle-forming muscles
  • correcting the loss of volume by the use of a filler, or by lipofilling
  • combined with laser
  • combined with peelings

These techniques are used with only one goal in mind: to improve the quality of your skin and to stimulate skin rejuvenation.

Dr. van Riet pays particular attention to the wishes of her patients and strives to achieve the natural look you want.