Outward beauty is a subjective matter. As such, no surgery can be all-encompassing, for “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. On the other hand, our relationship with the outside world is of utmost importance to our appearance. This appearance contributes to the particular perception of beauty.

The objective is to foster our relationship with our peers (our mirror image, family members, neighbors , friends, colleagues,… ) by considering the border area known as “skin” as a meeting place.

The restoration of skin’s natural form and function is a better option for communicating with our environment than to create a “nice-looking” but artificial form.

Thus, we define our mission as follows: Healthy skin is conducive to our social inclusion. That’s how we’ll live longer, healthier and happier – Ilan Karavani

For practical reasons, we have limited our offer by making some choices as to which body parts and treatments we want to work with within our practice.

Naturally, we chose the most visible parts which are exposed to the outside world; namely the face and neck, cleavage and hands.

As it only plays a limited role in the overall package of treatments, we have chosen to omit major surgery. Pure pampering is not an option either, because it provides a temporary feel-good sensation and is therefore not a sustainable contribution to our mission.

We chose light treatments with an average absence from work of 1 day; from tailored cosmetics to injections. No cutting and sutures, just a “Maximum effect for minimal discomfort”.

Every person is unique and has different needs. Thorough skin analysis should precede any tailored treatment.

Our mission: Everyone has rights, and this contributes to a better society. This is why we strive to keep costs competitive and improve accessibility, which are essential to serve a broad audience.

Our team is made up of several professional medical specialists who specialize in aesthetic care and dermatology, and who are surrounded by highly skilled paramedics.